About us

  1. I do not represent the thoughts of all Conservative / Libertarian / Traditionalist millennials. Just the ones I feel to be true or interesting. That's the splendour of the internet.
  2. Conservatism isn't dead, it's making a comeback. There is no choice, we fight or our country falls. Talking about conservative views has become uncool? Well, let's leave the cool kids table then, and join the nerds : )
  3. Don't be in a bubble, taking part in the political system and political discourse -  regardless of what side you're on - is important. whether you agree or disagree.
  4. I invite all political views. Let's have a vigorous debate. Let's tear down each and every 'the debate is over' topic. 

"Only a very weak idea needs to be protected from any kind of criticism"

THEPOLITICALHEART.COM is a POLITICS BLOG that focuses on big ideas and free speech, foreign policy issues like immigration and terrorism, or issues like the role of government, religion and atheism, etc.

'Political Heart' name is used as a shorter version
for www.thepoliticalheart.com

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