Trump Met With Putin ..... Again?

trump putin g20 dinner second meeting handshake
Trump and Putin at G20 (Snapshot of video)

Apparently, President Trump met with Putin again and the MSM went crazy.... again.

On Tuesday, The White House confirmed the 'second G-20 meeting'.

Ian Bremmer, president of the political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, said to have been the first to report on a second, undisclosed G-20 meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

I broke the story about the second G-20 Trump-Putin meeting because 'nobody else' did

Ian Bremmer says the July 7 meeting showed a lack of experience and indifference on the part of President Trump. However, there doesn't seem to be any justification for the outrage of the main stream media.

I remember Sean Spicer mocking the 'journalists' at the White House press briefing when Russian-Collusion-Week was on a couple of months ago, saying "if the president puts a Russian salad dressing on his salad, that would be collusion".

 The White House described the meeting as

A brief conversation at the end of a dinner

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