Sean Spicer Leaves Team Trump....sad to see him go

Sean Spicer has resigned as White House press secretary, after six months as the public face of the Trump administration.

Spicer stepped down after Anthony Scaramucci, a New York financier, and longtime Trump supporter was brought in as the new White House communications director.

Sean Spicer came on FOX on Friday to give an interview on 'HANNITY' and clear all the 'talk' about his resignation.

Sean met with the president yesterday and discussed with him and others about his desires about resigning as the WH Press Secretary. "After reflection, my decision was to recommend to the president that I give Anthony Scaramucci and Sarah Huckabee Sanders a clean slate to start from so that they can talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward". Sean continues, "He, after some back and forth, understood that the offer that I was making was something that was in the best interest of this administration. I thanked him for the opportunity, and I'm looking forward to watching Anthony and Sarah do a tremendous job."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes the third woman ever to be the White House press secretary. Sean told Hannity, "I'm leaving it in capable hands".

When asked about the current state of the media, Spicer he called the 'journalists' at the press briefings "biased" with a "click-bait mentality."

Hannity mentioned the SNL skits, to which Sean Spicer said, "SNL went over the line".

"Somethings made me laugh out loud", "...but...sometimes it goes from funny to mean".

Punch! Kick! Jab! Jab! Headbutt!.... That's Sean Spicer's tenure as the WH press secretary.

A good man and a hard worker. Good luck to you sir. God Bless and Amen

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