Omar Khadr gets an 8 million dollar apology

Justin 'socks' Trudeau made a cash settlement to former al-Qaida terrorist of 10.5 million Canadian dollars that's 8 mil American.

Omar Ahmed Sayid Khadr is a Canadian citizen who was detained by the United States at Guantanamo Bay from the age of 16 and held for 10 years, during which he pleaded guilty to murder and war crimes.

Born in Toronto, his father took him to Afghanistan. He was al-Qaeda and apprenticed Omar to a group of bomb makers.

Human rights advocates such as Amnesty International descended upon the judicial system, virtue signalling and calling for leniency for the then sixteen-year-old Omar.

He later sued the Govt. for compensation stating that he was forced to give a false account of his crimes and was tortured.

The money was delivered to Khadr in secret so that the settlement would be unknown to U.S. courts.

The settlement was given to Khadr on Wednesday and was cashed immediately, according to the Globe and Mail.

Now, with all due respect, judging whether or not he was guilty of murder, or not, is impossible at this time.

However, I would like to make a different case, a simple case... guilty or innocent, it doesn't matter, I simply ask that would you like to give 10.5 million Canadian dollars to an ex-Jihadi?

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