is Trump Jr. the traitor?

Trump Jr. (Fox News)
If you have been watching the news this past week, they would have you believe that Trump Jr. colluded with Russia to 'steal' the election.

However, the true facts are far more disturbing than you think.....

Firstly, some back story.....

Back in June 2016, Trump Jr. apparently met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign who said she had some damaging information on Hilary Clinton and the DNC colluding with Russia. That meeting was set up, no names were given initially, it was anonymous. They sat down along with two other Trump campaign people, but when she started talking, it was obvious that she did not have any information on Hilary, instead, she wanted to talk about Russian adoption sanctions.... Trump Jr caught on to this and immediately left. It was a very brief and pointless conversation.

New revelations are coming out about who set up the meeting and it does not look good...... for the Democrats.

The Russian Lawyer was apparently linked to a firm that helped compile the notorious dossier of wild and unproven allegations about the US President..... FUSION GPS. The same firm that handled the 'alleged' DNC hacked server's report. And, I use the word alleged to say that neither the FBI nor any other agency has still looked at the DNC server supposedly hacked by Russia. This is the same firm that has very uncomfortable ties to Hilary.

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