Being first doesn't matter

When it comes to Journalism, being first doesn't matter, being right does.

If you have any journalistic integrity, you would make sure that what you are saying and writing is absolutely correct and a hundred percent accurate.

This is an example of what happens when you are not:

Katy Tur @KatyTurNBC, you know her, the "c'mon get it out" reporter who interviewed or at least tried to interview then candidate Trump.

Katy put out a tweet on Thursday which said that 17 US Agencies confirmed Russian Hacking. She then deleted it when it came to her attention that this talking point was debunked a week ago. Only 4 agencies said that they 'think' it's 'probably' Russia.

She also put in @POTUS in the tweet.

For months now, NYT & AP and others were using a false narrative that 17 agencies had confirmed Russian Hacking. And this was later debunked and both the NYT and AP put out a correction over the holidays. But no one ever reads the corrections and the actual facts usually get buried, they never get to the surface. Only the incorrect statement keeps floating in the public sphere.

This is why we have to be very careful, that is as long as being accurate is still a goal at any of these so-called news outlets.

However, Social Media seems to have taken care of this, becoming the ultimate equaliser. No longer are the true facts remaining buried, they are forced to come into view by the millions of people reading and watching.

News outlets are now being faced with a huge credibility problem as every mistake is recorded and played back in compilations over and over again. One mistake becomes a reminder of all past mistakes.

Young journalists need to focus more on their ethics rather than just getting clicks and being first.

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