Project Veritas hidden camera caught CNN producer talking about Russia

James O'Keefe, Project Veritas
Project Veritas caught CNN producer saying some pretty controversial things. 

But, seeing how CNN has become these days, it was obvious how bad things were at CNN headquarters.

A lot was uncovered in this sting, how CNN works, how the anchors get nudged to talk more about Russia....even when they don't want to.

PV journalist: "But honestly, you think this Russia thing is just like bullshit right?"

John Bonifield, CNN supervising producer: "It's mostly bullshit right now...."

Then PV journalist: "Then why is CNN constantly like, Russia this, Russia that?"

John Bonifield, CNN supervising producer: "Because it's ratings"

And the video goes on, later we see them driving in a car when the producer says that if they had scrutinised Obama as they have been Trump, the viewers would definitely have been turned off and would say that CNN was attacking the president unfairly.

John also complains that there are other stories that are being brought to the editorial but are being passed on for more Russia nonsense....

This video gives us an inside look at how things really work at the MSM network.

(Original Project Veritas FULL Video:

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