Why do intellectuals drift towards socialism or communism?

Lenin (COO License)
Why do intellectuals drift towards socialism? A very good question. Let's explore why 'intellectuals' are attracted to this way of thinking.

The Great Philosophers of the past and the present want to think for us, to try to explain the world we live in and the society that we are a part of.

Progressing from just understanding the human condition to actually trying to improve it, is only natural. Something we give into all too easily.

What kind of a man would not want to live for others rather than only himself? Why it's simply unjust to live for oneself. It's unfair to the ones that have little and can do little.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"- A Marxist Doctrine

Who could disagree with this? Should anyone even be allowed to argue this statement? What a monster he would be.....

First to go down this path are the 'intellectuals'. They dominate Academia & Politics and have so for centuries. They, among other things, were responsible for the fall of many great civilisations. Whenever a country becomes too rich, the affluence and complacency of the people lead to their end. And, the ones steering the ship, are always the so-called 'intellectuals'.

Be a slave and eat, be free and starve. It's a very compelling argument and it's tempting to take the former if you are desperate. And, intellectuals tend to have a devouring mother complex*. This makes it even more difficult to argue against them as it is almost natural for them to feel this way. 

Mesmerised by promises of justice, freedom, protection, and of course revenge, they rally the old, the weak, the poor behind them.

They fall in line, like obedient soldiers, for the cause. With no tolerance for any dissent.

"We have a culture where it pays to think likewise rather than otherwise" - C. Wright Mills

One by one they willingly give up their God given Rights for other 'rights', their freedom for other 'freedoms', their way of life for a 'better' way to live as in to serve.

*Carl Jung used to illustrate the destructive mother figure reminding us of She(That Must Be Obeyed), the heroine of the Rider Haggard's well-known novel. This is a very bad as the 'son' will never be able to free himself from his mother Eros thus being doomed to the psychological death or the loss of his capability to evolve, from child to mature person.

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