James Comey Director Of The FBI, Fired!

James Comey Director Of The FBI, Fired! (CC0 license)
Was Comey was actually trying to delay the Russian investigation? 

He ordered the FBI not to investigate the DNC hacked server and relied on a report passed on to them by a private firm hired by the DNC, that too after many many months later, no independent analysis of the servers were done to this date.

The agents at the FBI were very angry about this.

Comey refused to give any evidence of Russian Collusion to Congress and would have continued to refuse any request to provide evidence of Russian collusion.

Maybe he wants to drag it out till the midterm elections, who knows.

Also, remember that the timing of the Loretta lynch & bill Clinton meeting was perfectly coordinated so that Comey's 'Recommendation' would allow Hilary not to be prosecuted after Lynch recused herself. If that's not an FBI director working in a politically biased way I don't know what is.

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