France has made her decision and sealed her fate

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Dark days are coming for Paris (CCO lisense)
So, it appears that the long-awaited outcome of the French elections is that Emmanuel Macron is to be the new president of the France.

He will be the youngest president France has ever had. If anyone has been following what another young world leader, the Prime Minister of Canada, has been up to lately, you would agree that being the youngest at governing doesn't really make things better. Still, there are many hopes riding on his shoulders.

The people of France have chosen their leader, democratically elected with a sound majority.

However,  'The French' have not. They had chosen someone who was proud to be French, proud to raise the French flag, someone proud to speak the French language and also, proud to hear it spoken in the streets. If that is not 'French', then I don't know what is. Any country's people would like to protect their culture. And would oppose its forcible change. This is a very interesting time, they see Paris burning and decide to put it out with gasoline.

Does France need to evaluate its mission? What is France? What is the French Identity? Should we preserve it? Should we embrace multiculturalism? Should we denounce out heritage? Should we abandon our culture? These are questions the people of France now have to ask themselves.... because Marine Le Pen already had these answers, Macron doesn't. Whatever answers he has 'The French' won't like them, I can assure you of that. This statement made by Le Pen sums up all that Macron represents.

Le Pen's statement in the last debate says it all,"The next president of France will be a woman, either me or Merkel".

When Charlie Hebdo massacre happened, in which cartoonists were killed for a portrayal of Mohammed and the immediate reaction from many in power and also many journalists was that it was the fault of the publishers to allow such drawings to be printed.

The fact that this was even discussed in this manner, the fact that anybody would blame the victims, saying they shouldn't have angered the extremists and that their deaths were their own faults, this shows a lack of any good sense saying such things.

The French and most of Europe have become mostly like that.

Denmark is already bringing certain Sharia complicit laws on their books as there are many areas in DENMARK which have 50 % non-western population, thanks to the EU's disastrous open-door policy.  1 in 10 people in Denmark is a refugee/non-western immigrant. There are places in Denmark where the Danes are a minority, and this all happened within a decade.

This is why you see a rise in Right-wing extremism, ordinary folks on the fence are being forced to pick sides.

"If people are not heard, they start screaming"

Le pen got twice the number of votes her father did in his time. She is sure to win with a majority next election cycle.

With every attempt, she is getting stronger as France gets weaker.

It is my hope that France wakes up before it gets to that point.

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