This has been a very odd year, 2016

EU Brexit
EU-UK=Brexit (CC0 license)
This has been a very odd year, 2016. To be honest, 2017 seems no different. After Brexit, it felt like Britain was a different country and it has to do with the animosity between the remainers and the leavers. 

However, it really does feel like the Remainers are much more to blame for this divide than anything else. Calling them sore losers would not do justice. There is an attitude of absolute contempt towards the Leavers. Not just bitterness but a real and aggressive contempt. No wonder the country is divided, no wonder we can't heal. The political fabric of a country can't repair itself if one-half of the country is not just dissatisfied, but are looking for blood.

Many in the country are wishing for Brexit to fail, or for it to be ineffective. The political elites are so far removed from reality they simply don't care anymore. They are all but a few, career politicians. Playing on the emotions of people, pitting one against the other. They are the ones capitalising on the Left's hatred of the Right. Even endorsing their aggressive tactics.

I have to blame one side for this, the distasteful contempt and hatred for the other side should not be excused.

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