Does no one care about Christians in Egypt?

Christians in Egypt
Egypt has one of the largest Christian communities in the middle east, one of the oldest communities in Egypt, predating Islam by hundreds of years.

In recent years, this community has been under siege. Attacks on Christians in Egypt were unheard of before but now it's almost a daily occurrence.

The mainstream media in all the developed nations, the Christian nations particularly, seem to be apathetic to the systematic persecution of this community.

There was a series of attacks on Sunday the 9th of April, at least 44 people were killed in suicide bombings targeting Palm Sunday celebrations in Churches. The media on the most part barely reported on this. There are no proper discussions on the unprecedented destruction of the once large Christian population of the middle east. Not to mention, whenever someone says that we should first take in Christian refugees because they are being prosecuted, it usually follows a barrage of over-educated liberals calling them a racist.

So, why don't they care?

"This will not get the attention of massacres in Europe" - Pierce Morgan

What ISIS are carrying out on the middle east and Egypt is a kind of genocidal campaign against Christians and are succeeding because western governments and the media are refusing to shine a light on the situation.

This is a kind of story that should be dominating the headlines of all the newspapers in the world. It's strange to think that Christian countries don't care about the lives of Christians in other countries anymore. The London bombings were covered for days, but in this case, the death toll was much higher, the wounded numbers were large and yet absolute silence.

However, there is something strange in the way the media is covering suicide bombings these days.

It's like Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London said, "Terror attacks are part of living in big city"

Is this the new normal? Is that why the media doesn't care? Is that why we don't care? Or is it something else? Something a lot more sinister. Something a lot more dangerous. Many outspoken voices are calling this phenomena 'Islamophilia'.

I'll have to do a little research on this......

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