MASSIVE BACKFIRE! Comey Reveals Reason for Delay Of DNC Investigation

James Comey Director of the FBI (Photo CC0 license)
Comey hearing reveals Democrats were behind hack investigation delay.

Comey hearing reveals an epic failure by Democrats and DNC to notify the FBI about the hacking of the DNC server during the campaign.

Congressman William Ballard Hurd asked about the delay and Comey said that the FBI never got access to the machines that were hacked because the DNC hired a private firm to do the analysis, and they handed over their report to the FBI.

The fact that the FBI did not have access to the DNC server and still have no access to do their own independent investigations raises questions.

And also, Comey has not and is still not pressing for a proper investigation into the DNC hacking and is going by the private firm's report raises more questions.

It was revealed that after the FBI had intimated DNC about the hack and it took the DNC and the private firm 10 months to reply back to the FBI about the report and also announce publicly.

Which means for 10 months anything could have happened to the machines and the data, all kinds of 'mishandling', changes, deletions, what not?

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