Finally, Donald Trump PROVED Obama did spy on him during the election!

Obama FISA (Photo Credit: CC0 lisense)
Today, March 22, 2017, Donald Trump proved Obama Administration did spy on him during the election!

According to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Barack Obama’s administration used blanket surveillance and “unmasking” practices to spy on members of the Trump campaign!

This information that was gathered had nothing to do with Russa.

So how was this done exactly?

Well, according to Chairman Nunes, Obama DID use a FISA warrant.

The intelligence gathering was done on foreigners speaking with members of the Trump campaign.

They "incidentally" collected MASSIVE AMOUNTS of information of Donald Trump and his associates.

It is required to redact the names of Americans being investigated, but this was not done for the Trump associates and then passed on to Obama.

Nunes has confirmed this.

Although there was no physical wiretap, I was concerned that other forms of surveillance were used on president Trump and his associates" -NUNES

Some of the things he confirmed about the 'wiretapping' aka surveillance were:

  1. On numerous occasions, the intelligence committee collected info on US citizens and the trump associates.
  2. Information about little or no foreign intelligence value was distributed in intelligence community reporting.
  3. Names of Trump team members were "unmasked".
  4. None of this surveillance was related to Russia.

Now, the House intelligence committee will have to ask these question....

  1. Who was aware of it?
  2. Why it was not disclosed to Congress?
  3. Who requested and authorized the additional 'unmasking'?
  4. Whether anyone directed the intelligence committee to focus on Trump associates?
  5. And whether any Laws were broken?

Finally, Donald Trump PROVED Obama did spy on him during the election!


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