Does the Pentagon have to pay for Sex change operations? Trump says no

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Aide Arrested!

MP Cheryl Gallant told to be quiet by 'free speech' activists

Sean Spicer Leaves Team Trump....sad to see him go

Trump Met With Putin ..... Again?

Cassie Jaye on Laci Green & Media Backlash

President Trump Goes Directly To The People With an Update On Obamacare

Voter fraud commission member speaks out

Justice Dept. takes down massive health care fraud scam

Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative [Video from PragerU]

is Trump Jr. the traitor?

The Military is Preparing for….um…wait?

Omar Khadr gets an 8 million dollar apology

Being first doesn't matter


Van Jones caught taking about Russia by Project Veritas

Project Veritas hidden camera caught CNN producer talking about Russia

Former AG Loretta Lynch is under investigation

The Left attacks Otto Warmbier for being 'White'

Why do intellectuals drift towards socialism or communism?

James Comey Director Of The FBI, Fired!

France has made her decision and sealed her fate

This has been a very odd year, 2016

France bans 30,000 facebook accounts

Does no one care about Christians in Egypt?

This is why CNN and MSNBC are FAKE NEWS!!!

Finally, Donald Trump PROVED Obama did spy on him during the election!

MASSIVE BACKFIRE! Comey Reveals Reason for Delay Of DNC Investigation

31 senators who are demanding foreign workers take over American jobs

Trump Delivers Documented Evidence of Obama Wiretaps To House Panel

President Trump weekly Address to the American citizens

Did the British Wiretap Trump Tower?

Trump’s Wire Tap Claims

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